Shirt Laundry, Four levels of starch (none, light, medium, and heavy)

joe's cleaners shirt laundry

Laundry Shirt Price   $ 1.75 

We offer four levels of starch (none, light, medium, and heavy) to suit your taste.

Processing our shirts in-house also allows us to offer more options for how your shirts are processed.

Lightly starched shirts (and shirts without starch) provide the softest feel. Heavier starching gives shirts more body,

and adds stiffness and structure. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate it.

Of course, you can choose to have your shirts dry cleaned for the ultimate in softness.


All dry cleaned shirts are completely hand pressed and stuffed with tissue like our Ultimate shirts.

If you’re unsure which method is best for your shirt, one of our knowledgeable

customer service representatives will gladly help clarify your options. For example,

for some dark colored shirts, we recommend dry cleaning to prevent color fading and minimize shine.

While many other shirts will look great after just our Standard laundering process.

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