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Women’s Tailoring, Wedding Alterations

    Jacket ,Women Suit Jacket sleeve length (non-working buttons & lined) Jacket sleeve length (working buttons & lined) Bring in or opening up the torso on a jacket Taper sleeves Jacket length Rotating the jacket sleeve (correcting for arm pitch) Relining the jacket Adjusting the shoulders Changing the posture of a jacket replacing jackets inner pocket Price From $35 […]

Why Choose Organic Cleaners?

68% of people think it’s important for the ingredients in personal care products to be “Organic.” That’s why we hold such a high standard. What is Organic? Organic ingredients, when properly chosen and carefully manufactured, are profoundly effective, inspiring to your senses, better for the environment and most beneficial to your overall well-being. It’s long […]

Professional Cleaning of Household Items

      WE CLEAN ALL HOUSEHOLD ITEMS         Draperies        Down and Feather Pillows        Table Linens        Comforters        Feather Beds        Quilts        Rugs Can you afford to leave it any longer? Get your household item cleaned today! After the all household items cleaning is complete, your duvets and pillows are also […]

Joe’s Cleaners are starting to shirt laundry process

We pre-spot your collar and cuffs at our counter immediately after it is brought in Your shirt is tagged and checked again for spots Your shirt is sorted by color and starch preference. Pre-treated for spots Washed with an enzyme detergent (this detergent is essential in removing body odor, perspiration, blood, food, etc.) Then non-chlorine […]