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Here’s what you need to know about so-called organic and green dry-cleaning.

Today’s ‘organic’ products are called so in substantially different meaning than just being simply organic in a traditional sense. Specifically, ‘organic’ is used to refer to a thing made from completely natural non-toxic materials and process without any artificial stuff harmful to human body and environment, additives, supplements and processes. Non-toxic. The cleaned textiles have […]

K4 Dry Cleaning – Dermatologically tested skin friendliness with the result “Very Good”.

SYSTEMK4 is an environmentally friendly and absolutely safe cleaning process. The basic component of SYSTEMK4 is a halogen-free solvent. It is designed in such a way that, when properly used, it does not pose a risk to air, water, human beings and soil. And here lies the huge innovative potential of SYSTEMK4: The cleaning effect […]

Our Cleaners Benefits of the System Include (Using SystemK4 Solvent)

Tested to be dermatologically safe and non-toxic No fabric color loss Safe on delicate fabrics, sequins, beading and other embellishments commonly adorning wedding dresses. Extended garment life Excellent cleaning power on water soluble (food, grass and dirt) and lipophilic (oils, fat and grease) stains Keeps whites white and keeps colors vibrant Superior protection against future […]

Do you know your dry cleaners still use perc?

Perchloroethylene (“perc“) has long been recognized as an effective dry cleaning solvent and today it is by far the most commonly used solvent in dry cleaning shops. However, as a volatile organic solvent, perc may pose serious health hazards if exposure is not properly controlled.   Learn more Resources Site Dry Cleaning Chemical ‘Likely’ Causes Cancer […]