Shirt Laundry, Four levels of starch (none, light, medium, and heavy)

joe's cleaners shirt laundry

Laundry Shirt Price   $ 1.75 

We offer four levels of starch (none, light, medium, and heavy) to suit your taste.

Processing our shirts in-house also allows us to offer more options for how your shirts are processed.

Lightly starched shirts (and shirts without starch) provide the softest feel. Heavier starching gives shirts more body,

and adds stiffness and structure. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate it.

Of course, you can choose to have your shirts dry cleaned for the ultimate in softness.


All dry cleaned shirts are completely hand pressed and stuffed with tissue like our Ultimate shirts.

If you’re unsure which method is best for your shirt, one of our knowledgeable

customer service representatives will gladly help clarify your options. For example,

for some dark colored shirts, we recommend dry cleaning to prevent color fading and minimize shine.

While many other shirts will look great after just our Standard laundering process.

Women’s Tailoring, Wedding Alterations




Jacket ,Women Suit

  • Jacket sleeve length (non-working buttons & lined)
  • Jacket sleeve length (working buttons & lined)
  • Bring in or opening up the torso on a jacket
  • Taper sleeves
  • Jacket length
  • Rotating the jacket sleeve (correcting for arm pitch)
  • Relining the jacket
  • Adjusting the shoulders
  • Changing the posture of a jacket
  • replacing jackets inner pocket


  • From $35 to $65
  • From $35 to $65
  • From $35 to $65
  • From $18 to $35
  • From $25 to $85
  • From $65 to $85
  • From $75 to $95
  • From $35 to $65
  • From $55 to $65
  • From $25 to $35

Our professional tailors specialize in, Custom Tailoring 

Let our professional tailors help you achieve the perfect fit. From minor repairs to extensive

tailoring and alterations, our professional tailors will help you look your best.

They know the proper fit for garments and will guide you through the fitting process.

Professional alterations can make a good fitting garment a great fitting one!




Formal Alterations

Coats Relined

Leather Work




  • Hem with out lining
  • Hem with lining
  • Taper
  • bring up straps
  • Add darts
  • Change zipper
  • Re shape the dress


  • From $35 to $65
  • From $35 to $65
  • From $35 to $65
  • From $18 to $35
  • From $25 to $45
  • From $25 to $45
  • From $25 to $65

Why Choose Organic Cleaners?

Joe's organic cleaners

Joe’s organic cleaners

68% of people think it’s important for the ingredients in personal care products to be “Organic.”

That’s why we hold such a high standard. What is Organic? Organic ingredients,

when properly chosen and carefully manufactured, are profoundly effective,

inspiring to your senses, better for the environment and most beneficial to your overall well-being.

It’s long been held that you’re only as healthy as what you put in your body. We believe the same goes for what you put on it.

You are part of nature. We humans are natural in the truest sense of the word.

That’s why natural products work in harmony with our bodies.

Natural ingredients nurture our skin and hair with wholesome nutrients that our body chemistry is familiar with.

Organic and Natural ingredients work. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So it’s no surprise that the most effective synthetic ingredients are inexpensive chemicals modeled after natural ones.

Your skin is a sponge. Plain and simple, your skin is your largest organ, and what you put on it gets absorbed into your body.

In fact, studies show that 60% of the ingredients get absorbed into your body.

Synthetic chemical ingredients are not always easily metabolized in the skin,

which can have potentially harmful effects.

It’s enough to make you think twice about letting your skin and hair soak up these synthetic ingredients.


This report is an excerpt from a

Professional Cleaning of Household Items


  •        Draperies
  •        Down and Feather Pillows
  •        Table Linens
  •        Comforters
  •        Feather Beds
  •        Quilts
  •        Rugs

Can you afford to leave it any longer?
Get your household item cleaned today!

After the all household items cleaning is complete, your duvets and pillows are also returned in compact packing,

offering an easier solution to the storage of bulky items.

Ask in-store for further details about our specialist Rug Cleaning service.

Standard, Clean Sanitise, Clean & Protect, Platinum Service  Rug Cleaning:

Removes all those tough, hard to remove stains. Our highly trained team will ensure

your rug is cleaned thoroughly. as well as removing all those hard to remove stains,

we also remove the bacteria caused by such things as pets, general soiling and potty training.




Down and Feather Pillows 

Down and Feather Pillows

Table Linens

Table Linens



Feather Beds

Feather Beds








Joe’s Cleaners are starting to shirt laundry process

  1. We pre-spot your collar and cuffs at our counter immediately after it is brought in
  2. Your shirt is tagged and checked again for spots
  3. Your shirt is sorted by color and starch preference.
  4. Pre-treated for spots
  5. Washed with an enzyme detergent (this detergent is essential in removing body odor, perspiration, blood, food, etc.)
  6. Then non-chlorine bleach is added
  7. Special additive to remove body oils and ring around the collar
  8. Washed and rinsed for 45 minutes
  9. Starched if necessary
  10. Inspected
  11. Rewashed if needed
  12. Expertly pressed and hand finished
  13. Sorted and tag (most cleaners leave the tag on)
  14. You pickup and delivery, wearing (attach it to any piece that needs special attention)


Professional Laundry Services For Dress Shirts

Let Joe’s Cleaners provide expertly laundered shirts on hangers, folded, or boxed.

You my specify any amount of starch preferred, from none to extra heavy.

We also launder tuxedo shirts with careful attention to detail.

Royal Cleaners can also assist you with your general laundry needs such as linens and casual clothing.