Joe’s Cleaners are starting to shirt laundry process

  1. We pre-spot your collar and cuffs at our counter immediately after it is brought in
  2. Your shirt is tagged and checked again for spots
  3. Your shirt is sorted by color and starch preference.
  4. Pre-treated for spots
  5. Washed with an enzyme detergent (this detergent is essential in removing body odor, perspiration, blood, food, etc.)
  6. Then non-chlorine bleach is added
  7. Special additive to remove body oils and ring around the collar
  8. Washed and rinsed for 45 minutes
  9. Starched if necessary
  10. Inspected
  11. Rewashed if needed
  12. Expertly pressed and hand finished
  13. Sorted and tag (most cleaners leave the tag on)
  14. You pickup and delivery, wearing (attach it to any piece that needs special attention)


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