One system – multiple advantages! From Joe’s Cleaners

Cleaning results as with PERC but neither a dangerous material nor a hazardous substance in accordance with CLP! Professional and sustainable textile care without loss of quality, but yet efficient and economical!

SYSTEMK4  is an innovative, and highly efficient cleaning system for professional textile care. Absolutely the right solution for ALL!

Overview of the quality advantages:

  • Excellent cleaning power for water soluble and lipophilic stains.
  • Hardly any pre-spotting necessary.
  • Gentle cleaning of textiles, leather and furs.
  • Reduced finish-effort thanks to less creasing.
  • Very pleasant and smooth feel.
  • High wearing comfort.
  • Bright colors.
  • Increased protection against textiles turning grey.
  • The cleaned textiles have a fresh scent.

Quality that is obvious.

SYSTEMK4 features the same – for some textiles even better – cleaning properties as perchloroethylene.

Lipophilic and in particular water soluble soil is excellently removed. Even saline (salt based) soil is removed better with SYSTEMK4.

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