Returning to the topic of bio-based chemistry, is this a better choice?

 In the crowded field of alternative dry cleaning solvents, the answer is yes with an understanding that moving from compounds derived from petroleum to compounds derived from corn is one small step in a sustainable and safer industry.  The process for converting corn to SOLVONK4 [the solvent at the heart of the SYSTEMK4 dry cleaning system] is clean, low energy, and safe. Much of the corn waste is returned to the fields and farms as compost and feed and the final product is as pure and stable as it was when we first introduced SYSTEMK4 nearly ten years ago. By making this change with our bio-based formula, we’ve lowered the carbon footprint for SOLVONK4, reduced the dependency on petroleum-derived feedstocks without changing any of the attributes of the final product. We won’t stop here on our quest to create more sustainable, useful products for our clients but we’re proud of where we’re heading.

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