How to Sew Suspender Buttons

Suspenders that connect to your pants with buttons are fashionable and functional. Most pants do not come with suspender buttons already sewn in. However, you can sew suspender buttons into your pants with a needle and thread. Add some suspender buttons to your pants and start getting more use out of your suspenders!


Check the type of suspenders. Some suspenders have 2 connecting straps with buttonholes in the back and 2 straps with a buttonhole (1 per strap) in front

Measure 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the center of the back of the pants. The back strap of your suspenders will need to connect with buttons near the center of the back of the pants. Find the center seam and measure 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the center on one side. Mark the point with a piece of chalk. Measure and mark the other side as well.


Mark the placement of the front buttons. Place the buttons that attach to the suspenders in the front of your pants so they are centered on each side of the front of your pants. The buttons will go in the areas that are just above the front of your hipbone.


Choose some plain, flat, round buttons. It is best to use simple buttons to hold suspenders in place, so avoid anything too ornate. Look for buttons that will match your pants and fit through the suspender buttonholes.


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